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Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

A&L Kingdom Kidz

Child Care Development Center

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys



          A and L Kingdom Kidz is a center where children, parents, staff, and the community can grow together.  We believe in the whole individual.  We believe in empowering individuals though play, creative learning skills, and the word of God. 

        A and L Kingdom Kidz is founded by Mrs. Williams and Ms. Thornton.  They are the foundation of the business, but believing the tools that was taught by their parents to learn how to impact the community to make it better with building up the generation to come. 

     We welcome all children. We believe in creating a safe environment for everyone that steps foot into the doors while being an advocate for kids. 

Our Services

Day Care

Personal Profile

Who are we

Aundreanna Williams and Shonyatta Thornton have both been in childcare for over ten years.  

Mrs. Williams states, ' Children bring her so much joy and laughter. Being apart  of a child's growth and development is rewarding.  I know I have the opportunity to make a positive difference in a child's life to help build a foundation for the future. "

Ms. Thornton states, " Every child is different. As adults we have to learn to tap into that inner child. I believe when we pair with kids by learning them and what makes them who they are we will be able to help them grow. We also will grow as adults. 


Come and See

Outstanding Quality

 Keys to Success 


       Keys to success for the company will include: 

  1. Community involvement-  Community involvement will lift up a standard for the children as well as the community in order to make a difference through the children and the community 

  2. Quality Care - Offering training to staff and parents to provide effective care to children

  3. Effective Communication Skills-  Communication to parents and staff the needs and wants of each individual for the mental health of each individual person, addressing the news and wants

  4. Compassion- Showing compassion towards each individual regardless of race, gender, culture, ethnicity, or relationship to build a solid connection

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